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Haze Tips

Haze Tips

Hate haze? So do we! After all, haze is a health hazard that shouldn’t be taken lightly. No thanks to air pollution caused by open burning from neighbouring countries, exposure to these suspended particles in the air can negatively affect your health, especially if you have pre-existing conditions relating to your respiratory system. To keep your entire family safe and protected against this harmful problem, here are steps you can take to ensure everyone is not at risk of coughing, sneezing, having eye, nose and throat irritations or even developing an allergy or eczema!

 ✓  Stay indoors

Avoid heading outdoors as much as possible considering how the air outside is contaminated and not fit for breathing. Moreover, avoid playing outdoor sports that are too strenuous, which causes you to inhale deeply when you are outside.


✓  Wash your hands frequently

Went out and just arrived home? The first step you should take is to wash your hands since they may carry haze particles from the air outside that can further pollute the fresh air at home. Plus, this helps reduce risk of developing infections, especially if you touch your face!


✓  Drink more H20

Your body will become more prone to dehydration during haze season. Hence, try doubling your H20 intake to stay hydrated 24/7 while flushing away any toxins from the body. Also, to minimise further dehydrating yourself, steer clear from caffeine and alcohol if you can.


✓  Boost immunity with fresh fruits and veg

Keep your body healthy and strong by feeding it with nutritious fruits and vegetables that’ll help boost your immunity, thus lowering your risk of falling sick easily.


✓  Drive with windows up

If you’re out and about driving around, follow this golden rule: keep your windows up! Otherwise, you’ll directly expose yourself to inhaling the polluted air.


✓  Clean your air-cond filters

Since you’ll be staying indoors more, ensure the filters of your air-conditioners at home are clean. Otherwise, maintain its purity by cleaning it out once every week or as frequent as you wish.


✓  Use an air purifier / ioniser

While almost everyone has an air-conditioner at home, having an air purifier or ioniser also helps tremendously. After all, they’ll catch and remove those tiny particles in the air that are polluted, ensuring the air you breathe at home is safe and pure!