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How To Keep Skin Hydrated While Travelling

How To Keep Skin Hydrated While Travelling

From long-haul flights to foreign weather changes and the introduction of new cuisines to your body – all these factors can directly affect your skin condition and ultimately rob it off its natural moisture, leaving you with a drier complexion than before. Ever spotted dry skin symptoms (such as parched skin, flakiness and fine lines) mid-holiday? Then it’s time to reconsider your skincare regimen while travelling. Here are five essential products to pack on your next getaway.

Overnight mask

Did you know that your skin’s regenerative ability works best while you sleep? That’s why slapping on a highly hydrating overnight mask before you fall into a deep slumber is encouraged! Plus, night-time skincare products usually contain a higher concentration and a richer texture to replenish any lost moisture during the day, so you can wake up with fresh skin again come morning.


Face mist

To beat daytime dryness, get a moisturising face mist and keep it in your handbag 24/7. Whenever the heatwave gets to you, simply pop it out and give your face a couple of spritzes! Alternatively, you can get an empty travel-sized spray bottle and fill it with your own concoction – try mixing your toner, serum and a few drops of essential oil for a fresh burst of moisture.   



Even if you travel during winter, it’s always wise to wear sunscreen. In fact, winter heralds even more dryness on top of sun exposure during the cold, so your skin could definitely make use of some much-needed SPF! Plus, the protective layer will help shield your skin from other environmental aggressors.


Essential oils and oil-based products

For better hydration, you can quench your skin’s thirst with oil-based products. After all, the silky liquid helps your skin’s natural moisture stay intact for longer. Pro tip: invest in pure, cold-pressed essential oils to enhance your daily beauty routine by mixing a few drops into your moisturiser, mist and even makeup base products including your liquid foundation and BB cream.


Tinted moisturiser

Going to board a long-haul flight? No thanks to the high altitude, the air in the plane is a whole lot drier, which is bad news for your skin. Try going makeup-free so it’s easier to apply your moisturiser on the go. Need to look presentable upon arriving but won’t have time for touch-ups? Skip foundation altogether to avoid the dreaded post-flight cakey look; instead, opt for a tinted moisturiser cos besides giving you a more natural look, it’ll keep you skin hydrated simultaneously too!